Nona’s Book Reviews

Among the new books at our Sedan Library is Caroline: Little House Revisited, by Sarah Miller. She is the author chosen and contracted by the Wilder Foundation to tell the story through the eyes of the mother, Caroline Ingalls. The hardships endured by our fore mothers in settling the western territories is described in details admirable and harrowing.

When the Ingalls family left Wisconsin for a new homestead in Kansas, they traveled by covered wagon, all of which they had built themselves, including the canvas cover, which Caroline cut and hand stitched and waterproofed. It was filled with all the supplies required for the 700 mile journey, and pulled by two large dray horses, which could average about 20 miles per day.

On the first day of their trip they crossed a frozen lake into Michigan, The horses slipped as the struggled to pull the wagon on the tenuous trail, while the Ingalls held their breath and prayed. That night they were awakened by sounds like rifle shots, which were the ice cracking and breaking up. However in the first weeks of their journey temperatures remained below freezing, so keeping warm by snuggling into their straw mattresses was a major effort.

Throughout the remainder of the trip, weather was a constant factor. As they crossed the border into Kansas Territory they were greeted by a great thunder and lightening rainstorm. It created mud so deep one wagon wheel was lodged, and it was necessary to create a shelter for the horses.

This book will leave you in wonder and admiration for these brave and resourceful women off which my own Grandmother was one. Many of you also share this heritage, and you will enjoy this story of Caroline Ingalls.

Nona Ross